Problems Connecting to VM

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ewajs on Sun Jun 16 16:33:20 MST 2013
I'm currently using a MacBook Pro running OS X (10.8.3) and I have a VM (via Parallels Desktop) running XP SP2 with LPCXpresso 5 on it, whenever I try to debug (on a non modified LPC1769 Kit) I get the same message:
"Premature end of file.:null(line:1, Col:1)"
And see that the VM is not detecting my board.
I'm working with another Windows based computers and had to install the VM because I wasn't able to import the Windows Projects on my LPCXpresso running on OS X (they were FreeRTOS projects).

Parallels Windows detects the board, but not the LPCXpresso on XP SP2. I could initially program the board in the Mac version of LPCXpresso but when I started using freeRTOS i couldn't import existing projects and make them work on the Mac version.

Thanks in advance.