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Content originally posted in LPCWare by g4bch on Mon Apr 26 05:08:32 MST 2010
My LPCXpresso board seems to have developed a fault or I have pressed some buttons in the wrong order and upset it.
I connected the LPCXpresso with LPC1114 to the PC and after the new hardware wizard completed the set up of the LPC link, pressed the debug button to check out my project. It loaded without problem and as I single stepped through it; the second step I got an error. To help diagnose the problem I modified the offending line and restarted the debugger and at 96% was met by the following error messages.

Console window
No symbol "new" in current context.
set remotetimeout 60000

LPCXpresso: Error pop up
Error launching Debug/Bat.axf
03: Failed on chip set up: Et: Flash driver not ready.

I also got the same error message when trying to debug the Blinky project.
There does not seem to be any help information on the LPC link so I can't find any way of resetting, it if that is what it needs.

After losing the ability to use the LPC link In tried to investigate the original failure by selecting debug as local C/C== application. That resulted in even more errors being flagged, this time a Problem Occurred pop up window saying " 'Launching Bat.axf' has encountered a problem . Error creating session. The details are Cannot run program "gdb": Launching failed.
I am now stuck with this error and can't get the program back to trying to start the LPC link. I've tried all choices given in the debugger tab on the debug configuration window without success. All except MCU Debug (embedded target)give the same Launching failed error. MCU debug gives 2 LPCXpresso: Error pop up windows stating, SAX Error:Premature end of file at line:1 col1 in stream.
I get the same set of errors with the Blinky as my project, Bat.

I don't get any of the LPC options mentioned in the Debugger configuration thread.

Any ideas on how to fix it or is the board destined for the recycle bin?