LPC-Link & LPC1343 fails

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I am running 32bit Windows7 and LPCXpresso v3.6.2 [Build 279] [29/01/2011]

cscript appears to be installed:

[FONT=Courier New]D:\nxp\lpcxpresso_3.6\bin>cscript
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
I have an EA LPC1343 Quick Start board connected to my LPC-Link. The DFU download to the LPOC-Link works, I think, but I get an error trying to start the debugger. A dialog box pops up

Error launchin Debug\<project>.axf
02: Failed on connect: Ee(07). Bad ACK returned from status - wire error.:

The console window shows:

[FONT=Courier New]34 set remotetimeout 60000
&"set remotetimeout 60000\n"
35 target extended-remote | crt_emu_lpc11_13_nxp -g -mi -4   -pLPC1343  -wire=hid -msg-port=54552
&"target extended-remote | crt_emu_lpc11_13_nxp -g -mi -4   -pLPC1343  -wire=hid -msg-port=54552\n"
&"Pc: (  0) Reading remote configuration\n"
&"Remote communication error: No error.\n"
35^error,msg="Remote communication error: No error."

Any help would be apreciated