Using RTOSDemo_RDB1768 ??

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jaybee on Sun Feb 19 21:28:51 MST 2012
Hi friends!

This is embarrassing, but I cant seem to get the example "Using RTOSDemo_RDB1768" downloaded from  freeRTOS website to work as it should.

I followed the steps as listed http://www.freertos.org/index.html?http://www.freertos.org/LPC1768_RedSuite.html .

But it seems like only the LEDs are blinking, I am unable get the USB interface to work, and I am unable to connect to it via ethernet as well. I am trying to learn to control I/Os via ethernet commands via this example. Am I missing any steps or any particular steps that I should look out for?

I am using the RDB1768v2r4, which shouldnt have any hardware setup changes right?