Reading GPIO stops program execution?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by fpg on Mon Mar 07 11:56:02 MST 2011
First of all I'm sorry if the solution to my problem is already mentioned somewhere, but I have no idea where to search for it...

I use LPCXpresso LPC1769 with the Embedded Artists LPCXPresso Baseboard. There is a project handed with the baseboard called disp7seg-rotary. It runs perfectly.

But when I try to use the functions of the rotary encoder, program execution stops after a few times of executing rotary_read function. By placing a breakpoint I found the very line, where it stops working:

uint8_t state = ROTARY_READ_STATE();

On the right there is a macro, it's just reading in the values of GPIO Port 0:
#define ROTARY_READ_STATE() ((GPIO_ReadValue(0) >> 24) & 0x03)

If this is coming next and I try to step over, debugging icons become inactive except stop and pause. If I just let it run, it reads the values for a while after that it simply stops running.

Anyone got any idea, what am I missing... ? :eek: :confused: