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Their friend , I was a Pxx16fxxxx user before have been met with lpc...
That is amazing mcu and ı have started to proramme it .

I know my english going to make you mad )) but I could not find any information  in my own ,I am preparing usermanual about LPC in my own language so  need your helps...

Furtheremore I could not find where is that Vref pin, how can we supply Vref? or is it standart 3.3V?

In order to  read LM35 , I have to calculate Voltage and this adc is 12 bit and everythings depends on Vref...

if is it standart 3.3 vo then 111111111111=3.3V and 000000000000=0v in case it is 3.3V and 1 step responds  0.805 mV,on the other hand can I supply it with different voltages for ex 5V then

111111111111=5 and 000000000000=0 :)
or 000000000001=1.22 mV

so when adc generate 00001111111111=  1.22mV*1024 = 1.249 V in case Vref=5V..

is  any adc experienced or trained friend here?Tell me how did you do it ))
I have problem with hardware :(