What are CMSIS, Peripheral driver library, Redlib ?

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I am new to LPCXpresso environment.

I would like to start with a very simple code using LPC812 MCU, which is GPIO toggling.

I have been going through the LPCXpresso user guide and came across terms like CMSIS CORE library, Peripheral driver library, Redlib etc.

I understand that [color=#f00]CMSIS Core[/color] is software module which helps us accessing the core and other peripherals by providing abstraction layers. For example, in order to read a GPIO, instead of directly reading it, CMSIS has a abstracted for like GETPIN() which does reading the pin. Am I right ? Please confirm.

[color=#f03]Peripheral driver Library[/color] is also same as CMSIS CORE, but only difference is , some LPC devices has more peripherals which are not covered in CMSIS. In that case, we can make use of Peripheral driver library.

[color=#f00]Redlib[/color] is like GNU C library which helps us accessing core, peripherals etc same as CMSIS Core.

But what exactly is the difference between these ?

Are all these required for my simple GPIO toggling code ? Please clarify.

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