Tracking down an error, help please

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by SeattleJeremy on Thu Feb 05 16:42:18 MST 2015
OK I'll start of with an intro, I have been developing with Microchip devices for 10 years now, I switched jobs and bam I have this new IDE to learn.

I am working with files that were already created I just pull them from the SVN to modify/fix.

I have been running along great using the FAQ and reading this forum to figure out all the ins and outs for this IDE.

Everything was running smooth until this afternoon when I cam back from lunch and tried to run debug code (I'm on a proprietary PCBA, that has been working previously, been on this project for three months now).

The issue is I keep getting a weird error  

cannot find -lstatic_library_1

The strange part is there is no static_library_1, never has been, I can not figure out where the _1 file came from because the original is in my workspace. It seems the IDE somehow got a duplicate it is looking for.

I don't know what else info I can give you, but ask and I'll do what I can. Of course this is a work project so posting up the project or any files is out of the question per the normal company rules. Hopefully I can get as comfortable with this IDE as my last one because right now I miss it!!!