ADC exact sampling rate (near maximal possible rate) - using timer or not?

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Quick question:
I would like to use the 10bit ADC of the LPC11C24 to sample at an exact rate (which will be adjustable by the user).
The maximal sample rate is 400kHz. I think this is just the case in burst mode?!

I want to sample one value and write it into an array, then sample the next. So no big code between the sample events.
I just thought to initialize the ADC with an adjustable rate and sample -> save -> sample -> save and so on.
But I think, this would not lead to the exact sample rate, would it?
Is it better to implement a timer for the samples? But, could I achieve a sampling rate near 400kHz with this method?

Thanks guys!

(I know that there are tons of threads about the ADC, but I couldn't find a solution (some thread titles really are choosen badly)