FreeRTOS v7.0.0 port for NXP LPC11xx

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by DaveNadler on Wed Jul 20 09:13:46 MST 2011
[FONT=Arial]Hi All - I've posted the corrected FreeRTOS v7.0.0 port for Cortex-M0 here:
Look under:  [I]Supported Devices & Demos >> Contributed Ports >> NXP
This version works for me under stress (this doesn't crash like the 2010  NXP version on the NXP web site and distributed by CodeRed as an  example).

Just replace the file port.c and you're good to go.

NXP folks - It would be great if whomever did the M0 adaptation could  review this, and if you could update the version on your web site.

CodeRed folks - It would be great if you could update your example in the next distribution.

Hope this is helpful !
Best Regards, Dave

PS: If you haven't already done so, I [U]highly recommend [/U]purchasing and studying the excellent FreeRTOS book set.