Driver Installation problem LPCxpresso 7.6.2

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by davidluca3000 on Tue Feb 17 11:50:46 MST 2015
Today I tried to upgrade from 7.5.0 to 7.6.2 with default options enabled but I got this error:
"Runtime Error (at 27:637):
SWbemObjectEx: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it."

I don't know if this is related but the LPCLink on my LPCXpresso LPC11U14 board was working fine but now it stays in initialization until a timeout occurs:
"Initializing LPC-Link (WinUSB) or RDB-Link with LPCXpressoWIN.enc"
"Timeout waiting for LPC-Link (WinUSB) or RDB-Link to initialize (2). If this is the first use after installation, your drivers may not have finished loading, or, if you are running from a VM, you may need to force VM to reconnect the device.

If I press No then the box doesn't go away, but on Yes sometimes seems to load the code and start debug session or doesn't find LPC-Link at all and need to un-plug the device.
This initialization box was staying only for short time in 7.5.0. The projects were imported into a new workspace after installation of 7.6.2.

My PC is running Win8.1 without antivirus other than windows defender. I tried reinstalling but same behavior. What should I do to have it working correctly?
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