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We have developed a data acqusition board using a LPC1343 (based originally on the LPCXpresso board) that we currently program using the LPC Link half of the LPCXpresso board and the LPCXpresso IDE.

Now we want to develop a programmer for in-field use that would use the SWD + Reset lines - this would be simply a programmer -no debug or IDE needed .

Ideally it would be a simple Windows USB application that reads in and then downloads a .axf or a .bin to the target.

I have looked at the FDI [FONT=Times New Roman]USB-ICP-LPC2K programmer but I can't get any confirmation that it will use the 2-line SWD port. I have also looked at the DangerousPrototypes card but again I am not sure how much SWD work has been done.[/FONT]

Any ideas would be welome. I would rather not have to reinvent the wheel if something already exists.

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