LPC Xpresso Activation Problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kkawula on Thu Jul 14 02:36:43 MST 2011
I'm new user of LPC Xpresso. I've downloaded latest release (4.0.5) and I had generated activation key which is:
C1LU-J2FW-OZFY-P0N4-O4C4-BQA3-B5EQ-LVF3 (it was generated from SN: GQMR-BXJR-NUP0-L1A1-BVH5-DYDS-G2J5-CZPU-KXL5-MRC3)
When I'm trying to active using "help->product activation->Enter  Activation code" it doesn't return any error instead of it LPC Xpresso  show message:  "Licence type: Unregistered (code = -1)"

I had already  run  "cscript.exe" and go thought activation process again but without any results:(.

I was trying to generate lic file by using command crt_emu_cm3_nxp  -info-license but every time it was closed by Windows because of its  internal error.
I enclose lic file and acc file generated by LPC Xpresso while activation process I hope they will be useful.
I'm using a 32-bit Windows Xp operation system.

Has anyone idea how I can fix my problem?