Linker Config File Rename Bug - V7.7.2

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by emh203 on Mon Jul 06 16:55:38 MST 2015
I have an application where I need to manually specify the linker script file name for a project.   I cannot use the managed linker script as it does not appear the "MCU Settings"  dialog is subject to different eclipse build configurations.

I have 2 different build configurations.    One build configuration has a modified linker script to put the start of the application at 0x1A20000.   I have a custom bootloader that exists at 0x1A000000.

So...  When I select a build configuration and go to "Settings-->MCU Linker-->Managed Linker Script" and uncheck the "Manage Linker Script",    the text box for "Linker Script" is changed to PROJECT_NAME.ld  (where PROJECT_NAME is the eclipse project name).

If I try to change the text box,   it will revert to PROJECT_NAME.ld.


Let's say it starts at "TM4.LD".

I want to change to "TM4_BOOTABLE.ld".

When I click apply it will revert back to "TM4.ld".

Weird part....

if I change to "TM4.bootable.ld", it will accept my change.

Weird bug....