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My friend said this.. but  I think I have damaged the xpresso when soldering headers on.. may need to get it refurbished I am base in the united kingdom tho..  am I doing this correct..  I made it even easier: the 1.5kOhm goes from the USB_DP line directly to Vdd, without the soft connect switch.  If you then boot the chip with P0.1 low and USB connected to the PC, it mounts as a volume and inside is the file: firmware.bin  You can then copy a new firmware into the chip and boot again, just like you do with your mbed ...  [IMG]http://mbed.org/media/uploads/mbed2f/photo0769.jpg[/IMG]   [IMG]http://mbed.org/media/uploads/mbed2f/photo0770.jpg[/IMG]