Set input of SCT (State Configurable Timer) using a register instead of a pin

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Hello All,

I have posted this questions also on the Lpcware forum, but since I use Red State from LPCXpresso I hope someone on this forum can help.

I have a NXP LPC4357 and would like to set the inputs of the SCT using code/registers.

From the manual it does not seem to be possible to set or clear the  inputs of the State Configurable Timer using a register. It can only be  done using physical pins it appears. I think it would be highly  benificial to set the inputs in the application code by setting a  register for example. The manual says that the SCT INPUT register in  read-only (p838, table 665). Is there another way to set the inputs?
I tried using the SPGIO3 and SGPIO12 inputs, routing them using the  GIMA to the SCT. While this works, it is still limited to 2 inputs.  Another side note with this is that SGPIO3 seems bo be high on reset,  which I find strange.
Bottom line: who knows a way to set the SCT inputs in code?