LPC1343 + nRF24L01

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bobi-one on Fri Jul 08 05:11:14 MST 2011
I  recently got some wireless modules and now i'm trying to interface them. I found some example code for LPC2XX but changing it was a bit of a pickle .
This  is the receiver code( while the master is constantly sending). My concern is the MISO reading of value "0E",  because i am not really sure is this kind of SPI code working properly.
unsigned char  SPI_SendByte(unsigned char data) {

  LPC_SSP->DR =data;
  while (LPC_SSP->SR & 0x10);
  return (LPC_SSP->DR);

If someone have already interfaced this kind off of chips i will be thankful for advice and solutions. :)