Timer + Interrupt difficulties

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Sepheriod on Wed Jul 25 08:06:43 MST 2012
Hello, I'm using an LPC 11c24 MCU and my program consists of 2 ISR's ran by 2 seperate timers. timer_32_0 and timer_32_1

timer_32_0 runs on 1hz and the ISR takes about 150 mS to handle all the instructions in the ISR

timer_32_1 runs on 1000hz and is done in a few microseconds.

These timers have to run at the same time.

But the problem now is that when timer_32_0 is active for that 150 mS timer_32_1 is inactive.

if I change around the NVIC priorities timer_32_1 is always active and timer_32_0 is never called.

NVIC_SetPriority(TIMER_32_1_IRQn, 4);

is there a way to work around this problem?