Cannot launch demo: no LPC link, cannot change MCU

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by josve on Sun Jul 29 09:50:18 MST 2012
Hi, I'm new on this platform, and cannot get started....
I have just acquired an LPCXpresso LPC1769 (rev B) board, and an Embedded Artist "LPCXpresso Base Board".
I am running Windows-7 64-bit, and installed LPCXpresso_4.2.3_292.exe.
I also downloaded the examples as 'lpc17xx_xpr_bb_120314.zip'.
As first attempt, I am trying to launch the 'disp7seg_rotary' demo example. I am powering the base-board through a USB charger to a mini-USB connector. This gives some lights at the baseboard (green led, 7-segment, rgb-led), as well as a heart-beat led at the MCU board.

I connect my PC with a second USB cable to the LPC1769 MCU board.
The Windows device manager shows that a 'HID-compliant device' gets added.

The project builds correctly, no errors.
However, when I click 'debug' I receive an error message:
Command failed: target extended-remote | crt_emu_cm3_nxp -g -mi -2 -p LPC1768 ...
Clicking on 'details' on this message, says java.lang.NullPointerException...

I notice in that message, as well as in the bottom of the Eclipse screen, it says '1768', whereas I have a '1769'. I :confused:doubt whether that can cause a failure in setting up the link, but let me try to correct the MCU setting.
Unfortunately, that doesn't seem possible: If I <cntl>-click on this number in the low-right of my screen, I receive an errormessage: "Could not accept changes" "The currently displayed page contains invalid values". Similar if I click on the MCU symbol in the top bar.
In the latter case, a window opens 'Properties for disp7seg_rotary' where the 'MCU settings' shows an empty pane.

Can anybody help me to get started?