Problem with LPC-Link: wire-error

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My problem is as follows:
I have a LPCXpresso board with the LPC1227-48 pins MCU. I use the LPCXpresso-IDE V4.05_123.
I re-arranged the SWDIO and SWCLK functions to the alternate pins PIO1_2 and PIO0_18. Next I changed the header J4-3 and J4-5 connections to connect with the alternate pins as mentioned in the datasheet of the LPC122x.
When I want to download and debug the program the LPC-Link starts after a minute or so (why is that taking so long?), and then it comes with an error message: "Failed on to connect. No ACK from debug: Ee(07), wire-error."

I have tried to get into ISP-mode by putting the ISP-pin PIO0_12 low after reset, but that doesn't remove the error.
What can I do to make LPC-Link download the program into flash??
Any help I will appreciate!