Using the watchdog on LPC122x

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by IanJames on Thu Jun 20 07:03:21 MST 2013

I would like to use the watchdog timeout feature on the LPC1224.

Using CMSIS I have removed the define symbol __DISABLE_WATCHDOG and recompiled. Now when I program the device as expected the device does continual resets.

I assumed that 'feeding' the watchdog timer thus:

LPC_WWDT->FEED = 0x55;

would prevent the resets - alas it does not.

The startup code source file  states this:

// ************************************************************
// The LPC12xx family start up with the Windowed Watchdog timer
// enabled, and if the application code does not continually
// feed the WWDT, then a reset will occur. This behavior will
// prevent the debug tools functioning correctly - and thus
// when a debug connection is made, the tools will disable the
// WWDT. However this will mean that behavior of your application
// may be different depending upon whether the debugger is
// connected or not. The below code will disable the WWDT in the
// same way that the debugger does, so that behavior will not
// depend upon whether the debugger is connected or not.
// If you do not want to connect the debugger to the target and
// require the default LPC12xx WWDT operation, then undefine the
// For more information, see the LPC12xx User Manual.

which I understand.

Can anyone explain what the default settings are for the Windowed Watchdog timer are and what I need to do to prevent the resets.