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Hey all together,

i have some trouble with the LPC-Link2 and the AOAA-Kit.
Installation of the LPCexpresso IDE and the build of the sources was no problem.
But now i would flash the binary over the LPC-Link2 and there it stuck.
The IDE say's:

zit:"No compatible emulators available.
They may be disconnected, not powered, already in use or not compatible with this target"

Ok but i think it has found the LPC-Link2 then after this message the LPC-Link2 has changed.

The Product and Vendor id has changed
Bus 002 Device 017: ID 1fc9:000c NXP Semiconductors
Bus 002 Device 016: ID 21bd:0006

Is there anything special that i must make on linux?

(Same hardware works on Windows properly but i don't like to work with it)

Excuse for the bad englisch i'm doesn't speak english native.

With best regards
Christian E