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Hello CodeRed,

I have two questions. The first is about the include paths, the second about a problem i have while installing subclipse.

First: I created a new folder in my project. I added in the project-properties
->includes the new folder. But the file from this folder was not found. It's a header file, which is included by a file in another folder under the project (which is included). If i change the properties of this folder, it builds fine. My question is: Why does it not work, if i include the path for the whole project? In my mind, all the files which are in folders included in the project should be found :confused:

Second: I want to install subclipse but it shows a message, that something is missing. I'm sorry i can't reproduce the error, because if i try to install subclipse now it shows a message "Duplicate location"! The first error appeared before second "Press Next" (was not possible, to press) and the "Accept the license and press [B]Finish[/B] " step.

Thanks and regards