Lonh delay starting debugger

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ronkrem on Fri Jun 21 00:47:28 MST 2013
I am debugging an LPC11U35FBD48/401 with the standard 10-pin LPC-Link using the four pins RESET, MOSI0, SCK0 and SWDIO. Apart from the USB pins and PIO0_3 (USB_VBUS), every other pin is in use as either an input or output.

When the xpresso debugger is started it hangs for 20 or so seconds at the ResetISR() function in the startup module before continuing to the normal debugger point start in main().

I suspect some pin associated with the serial link is being held in an unexpected state by my circuit. Can anyone suggest if this is so and which pin it would be?