LPC1347 PIO0_12/TMS no Input

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Michael65589 on Wed Jun 26 02:19:46 MST 2013
I want to use the PIO0_12 as capture input.
I turn on the clock for IOCON and CT32B1. Set the func of PIO0_12 to 0x3 (CT32B1_CAP0). I also activate the interrupts for CT32B1_CAP0 CCR-> 0x6 but there is no interrupt.
I use the same code on an LPC1313 with PIO1_0 as input pin and there the code is running.
It seems that the signal on PIO0_12 does not activate an interrupt. Is there something special with PIO0_12 because the default value is TMS?

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