LPC812 UART Baud Rate Issue (faster than expected)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mvinger on Sat Jun 22 20:14:34 MST 2013
I found a weirdness and searched all the docs to discover what my error might be. I used a board to board UART channel setup at 115200 and all seemed to work fine. I then went to hook-up a separate UART receiver-only for some simple IR remote stuff (someone else's remote). It only sends two bytes in N81 at 300 bps. The RX-only channel would not work. Then I noticed an elongated data pattern from what I got to what was sent.
I hooked up the logic analyzer and verified the 300bps on the RX-only channel and the data was as expected. I then halved the baudrate setting sent to initialize the channel and wala (however you spell it), I could read the data appropriately.
I then checked my 115200bps full-duplex UART channel and it was running at 250kbps.
Anyone have a clue as to if there is an error in the docs or am I missing something else.
The LPC812 is configured to run at the max 30MHz from the internal osc as the base. The UART div is set to 1 so the PLL clock should match the 30MHz system clock.