LPC11 SystemInit() clock switching query

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Hi all, my first post here :-)

I have a couple of questions, both related to SystemInit() in system_LPC11xx.c, which appears to have been written by ARM.

1. When switching clock sources, the xUEN bit is written 1 then 0 then 1. My understanding from the LPC11Cxx User Manual is that it is only necessary to write 0 then 1. Why the preceeding write to 1 in the start-up code?

2. After writing xUEN to 1,0,1; there is a loop waiting for the xUEN bit to be set. But this bit was just set as described above. Nowhere in the User Manual or datasheet can I find anything about having to wait for this bit to become set (unlike the PLL lock status).

Am I missing something important about changing clock sources?
Or is the ARM startup code a bit crufty?