ADC channels interfere each other

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Andrew24 on Thu May 06 13:29:32 MST 2010
Hello, i have a problem acquiring data from two ADC channels.
I have a timer to switch adc channels and start ADC every 1ms.
I also have connected two potentiometers , one to AD0, other to AD1.
I've disabled ADC interrupt. In the main program i'm polling ADC.
.AD0 and AD1 are selected as analog pins in IOCONFIG.
Heres the problem:
when i increase voltage in channel AD1, the voltage in AD0 alsos increases a bit.
I have tested it with multimeter. For example if i disconnect the second potenciometer from AD1, and measure the voltage at AD0 pin, from the firstpotenciometer, it shows for e.g 1.5V. If i connect second pot. i can control the voltage on AD0 pin! it seems that the channels are linked somehow in the lpc
Could you try to guess what's wrong?