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So after more than 30 years using 8 bit micros I'm trying my hand with the LPCXpresso and the LPC1114 which came with it. (had lots of problems in the past with the debugger as I had some corrupted files on my PC)

I'm trying to implement a 16 bit parallel port to talk to a GLCD and porting some code from an Atmel Xmega chip (uses 2x 8 bit ports).

How in the world can I do that with a chip which uses 12 bit ports? :confused:

The only ones I can see which can be used is PIO2 (12 bits) + PIO3 (6 bits) which would mean several shift to get the 16 bit data in the right location. 
PIO0 and PIO1 are littered with JTAG or ADC which I would also need.

This will probably mean a slower operation than with the current 32MHz chip.