uart dma example rework

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dragilla on Sat Nov 19 02:53:24 MST 2011
I'm trying to read data from gps on uart0 and resend it on uart1.
I'm using the uart_dma_test.c (from lpc17xx.cmsis.driver.library.zip) as my base.

I can do a simple loop reading and prinint data from gps. There data is of course incomplete because its is not buffered:

while(1) {
        len = 0;
        while (len == 0)
            len = UART_Receive(LPC_UART0, buffer, sizeof(buffer), NONE_BLOCKING);
        UART_Send(LPC_UART1, buffer, sizeof(buffer), BLOCKING);
So I know that both uart0 and uart1 are set up correctly. I can see the data showing up on my console.

Now I add uart1 to the uard_dma_test, change the uart_send port to uart1... and...
it doesn't send :/
I mean I can see it calling the UART_Send function and it's calling it with the gps data, but I don't see the output on the console.
I traced the uart send down to line

in lpc17xx_uart.c

Attached is my code.
Plaease help me to find the reason.