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Content originally posted in LPCWare by cagdastopcu on Fri Dec 14 02:04:28 MST 2012
Hello, this is my first post and be gentle please. I installed LPCXPRESSO V5 and I am trying to use it with my lpcxpresso lpc1114/302 board (free one) on Ubuntu 12.04. First of all, I cannot find anything in this forum. The Search doesn't work properly and there isn't any category. In my opinion, I will lost my own post :)

I can run only one time the blinky example (pressed build, debug conf > new debug under the mcu part, and debug and pressed green continue button) but after that I cannot re-debug it. It stopped at 94%. I waited and pressed stop debug but it didn't work. I closed eclipse/lpcxpresso. I tried again and again and I got this message

LPCXpresso Debug Driver v5.0 (Nov 22 2012 08:59:41 build 1083)
Looked for chip XML file in /usr/local/lpcxpresso_5.0.12_1038/lpcxpresso/bin/LPC1114/302.xml
Looked for vendor directory XML file in /usr/local/lpcxpresso_5.0.12_1038/lpcxpresso/bin/nxp_directory.xml
Found generic directory XML file in /usr/local/lpcxpresso_5.0.12_1038/lpcxpresso/bin/crt_directory.xml
Emu(0): Conn&Reset. DpID:  BB11477. Info: LPCLINK_1_1
SWD Frequency: 3000 KHz. RTCK: False. Vector catch: False.
Packet delay: 0  Poll delay: 0.
Launching blinky Debug(1) %97
Launching configuring GDB

Actually I used lpcexpresso 1 year ago and It used to work. I don't understand what is the problem.