SWD dowloading and GPIO pins LPCXPresso LPC1114

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Vit_Ciola on Wed Nov 23 06:33:07 MST 2011

This is my first project with the LPCXpresso 1114, and during the development I'm facing some problems:

-I did a schematic based on the LPCXpresso target board. Im using the SWD interface, so it is mandatory to have the external cristal?

-I selected some pins, that in the silk are printed with other functions with the other functions like:
   -P0_1 - FT/GPIO;
   -P0_4 - I2C - SDA;
   -P0_5 - I2C - SCL;
   -P0_8 - MISO;
   -P1_4 - AD5;
   -P1_6 - RXD;

I am using the CMSIS function GPIOSetDir, but with these pins I couldnt set as an IO.

Do you know what can I be doing wrong?