LPC1769 Debug/Release errors

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Sajuukthanatoskhar on Wed Dec 19 23:19:20 MST 2012
Hi all,
Having a seemingly weird issue here with my LPC1769 using the LPCXpresso (Rev B) evaluation board, hooked up over LPC-Link.
Essentially, i have a device hooked up to the board over IIC and when the code is compiled in debug mode, the code runs fine and the data received over the IIC communication is correct.
However, once the code is compiled in release mode, and the board is run externally to debug mode, either via usb power or external battery power, the code executes, what appears to be correctly, however the values received from the IIC communication are wrong.
Unfortunately i cannot post the code for the issues at hand due to an ND agreement, however, i was hoping there is an error experienced by other users such as this that i can use to try and debug the situation. Googling yielded nothing of use, but hopefully there is something i have overlooked.