Compiling multicore examples in  LPCXpresso v7

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Hi All,

Using LPCXpresso v7.0.0, I am trying to run the multicore examples in lpcopen_2_04_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpclink2_4370.

Using the wizards in C:\nxp\LPCXpresso_7.0.0_92\lpcxpresso\Wizards\MemConfigs\NXP I can compile mc_sa_blinky_m4 using LPC4370_SPIFI_1MB.

But I cannot get mc_sa_blinky_m0app or LPC4370_SPIFI_1MB projects to accept LPC4370_M0APP or LPC4370_M0SUB using the External Memory configuration dialog boxes. The dialog boxes show the flash properly when it is first imported but not if the dialog box is reopened.

From app_multicore_cfg.h the expected address should be set to BASE_ADDRESS_M0APP     (SPIFI_BASE_ADDR + IMG_SZ_M4)

What am I missing here, I have read the latest user guide.

Thanks again in advance,