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Content originally posted in LPCWare by amelendez@dibal.com on Tue Nov 29 06:31:31 MST 2011
I cannot read properly the GPIO1_0.

I've programmed as output PIO1_11, PIO1_10, PIO1_9, PIO1_8, PIO1_4, PIO1_2 and initializated as 0. PIO1_0 has been programmed as an interruption input. PIO1_1 as output.

For testing it, I've shortcircuited PIO1_0 to gnd (for reading 0)

In my application, I'm trying to read PIO1_0 using the next sentence
puerto1 = (LPC_GPIO1-> [COLOR=#0000c0][COLOR=#0000c0]DATA[/COLOR][/COLOR] )

But I got in the 'Variabl' window 0xe3 instead of 0xe2
In the 'Memory Data' window I can read:
Register: GPIO1_DATA
Address: 0x50013ffc
Value: 0xe2 (what it's expected)

How can I read the true value of the GPIO1_0 value?