LPCXpresso 5 Problems

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by vasanth on Sat Dec 15 07:53:07 MST 2012
In my LPCXpresso 5, problems view showed errors during project build. I fixed them and rebuild it. Console view now shows a successful build and everything is fine. But the problem view still has the error markers left there. I cleaned the project, rebuild it, refreshed it and even tried restarting workspace. But the error markers are still there. :confused:

In the end i manually deleted them :eek:.

But in LPCXpresso 4, the errors in problems view will automatically get cleared on a successful build.

Another issue i faced with the new lpcxpresso 5 is it takes unusually long time (1 to 2 min on my windows machine) to open a workspace, which is not the case with version 4.

Has anyone experienced this?