freeRTOS_blinky and output to UART

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by g_mocken on Fri May 30 07:21:17 MST 2014
In the freertos_blinky sample project, there is a task that periodically uses DEBUGOUT, however nothing is actually sent to the UART.
If I put a similar DEBUGOUT instruction into main(), it works, though, so setup of the UART itself seems to be fine - it just does not work from within a task. Is that normal?

DEBUGOUT (or printf) might not be threadsafe, but this task is the only place in the code from where it is called. I tried to increase the stack size, as suggested elsewhere, but I see no change. 

One more observation: When I use semihosting, then it works and the output goes to the console view, even from the task context. Hoever that is not really an option for me.

Any hints?