Interfacing LPCXPRESSO 1769  with ad7450a

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Guille on Mon Dec 24 15:47:12 MST 2012
I have to interface the lpcxpresso1769 with the ad7450a analog-to-digital converter from Analog Devices via SPI. Looking at the time diagrams from theAD datasheet, i suppose this is achievable, configuring the SPI of the lpc1769 in TI frame format, 16 bits and having always the transmission FIFO with data to maintain always the clock working as this AD uses the SCLK from the master to do conversion. Can you please confirm this as i am not completely sure??

PD: here is the timing diagram of the AD (CLK is at 18 Mhz)
and datasheet

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