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Content originally posted in LPCWare by beni0664 on Mon Nov 17 15:05:53 MST 2014
Dear NXP team,

I've selected the LPCXpresso platform to start coding on ARM cores, but unfortunately I'm not very satisfied.

I'm aware of the complexity of these cores, but this is no problem for me.

But your software is (in my opinion) in beta stadium.

Following bugs happened in my short term usage of LPCXpresso (newest version, downloaded ~7days ago):

-) GDB bug
-) Debug buttons disabled (Jump in/out/over)

These issues were discussed here, but it is annoying. Especially, because there is no "stable" fix of the button problem.
In addition, there is no "real" documentation of the chip and board libs.

I spent nearly 25% of my time on issues regarding the IDE, so I would like to use a plain Makefile, which is usually more stable compared to any Eclipse based solution.
The installer for Linux is also not working on Debian x64 (you don't support it officially, so this is not your fault).

In general: Why are ARM toolchains in such bad condition? I've never seen any bug in a AVR toolchain before, if my experience with ARM continues this way, I will switch back to AVR once and for all.

My only question regarding this post: Do you provide any toolchain (or libraries) which are based on new packages of gcc/gdb within Linux repositories?

Best regards,