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I just got http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=556



With usb b breakout board do I need to add resistors or something?


I think I need the lpc1768 to act as a device and then connect the usb b to a cable to pc

I gotta take the analog input and send the digital signal to pc through the usb D+ and D- the lpc1768 need to be the device right? and then the pc is the host?

do I need resistors on the D+ and D-

And will the pc now power the lpc1768 by the new breakout board I am adding..

If I connect positive to vout and negative to vin while this breakout board b is connected my pc by the usb cable will it then power the lpc1768...and will it draw just 3.3v or will it draw 5v

I must now cut the tracks of the lpc link and use it as a debugger?

My project is to turn the lpc1768xpresso into a usb audio device