Memory Browser window issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by robekras on Fri Mar 07 02:20:53 MST 2014
Memory Browser window shows question marks instead of real data.

Steps to reproduce:

Program is running.
Go to Memory Browser window and try to show memory area of a specific area e.g. 0x20000000 (I have a lpc1778).
As the LPCXpresso can't access the memory, because target program is running, it shows only question marks.
If I suspend/break the target program I would expect the memory window should be filled with real data.
But that will not happen. If I scroll up or down the window, the memory before (or after) is shown correctly, but never the area which is initialy filled with '????'.
When I open the Memory Browser, when target program is suspended, the area is correctly shown. Then when I start the target program and I enlarge the Memory Browser window also (of course) the new memory area which is comming into sight is filled with '????' and will never be updated by real data.

Scrolling up and down, clicking on refresh (context menu), closing and reopening the memory tab does not help.

If I go to the Memory Monitor window I also see only question marks for that area.

This behaviour is also true for previous versions (at least for 6.1.4_194) of LPCExpresso.