CMSIS Library Versions and Updates

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Just starting to compile a few self made project using various LPC types.
Trying to use the CMSIS librarys so a lot of code is available and tested.
But i find varius version of the CMSIS libs and i don't know where i should download the newest an where to report the BUGs.
example: NXP site:
- CMSIS Library for LPC18xx V2 (Jun 2, 2011) [IMG]http://ics.nxp.com/images/pd-new.gif[/IMG]
- included in LPC Xpresso: CMSISv2p10_LPC18xx_DriverLib.zip !! V2.10

LPC177x & LPC178x:
CMSIS Library for 178x/177x V2 (Jun 16, 2011)
trying to use the very first include+source (RTC) reveals a load of bugs (one error example):
/** Minimum value of month*/
#define RTC_MONTH_MIN  1
/** Maximum value of month*/
#define RTC_MONTH_MAX  12
  if((TimeValue <= RTC_MONTH_MIN)|(TimeValue >= RTC_MONTH_MAX))
   while(1); //error loop

warning example (if you define unsigned use unsigned):
uint32_t tnum = -1;

Shouldn't the code just work without having to look inside every source to see if they contain errors and if the warnings are serious?