LPC1768 ADC Polling Using CMSIS

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Hi Folks,
Sorry to ask such a basic question. I'm using the LPC1768, and the NXP provided "adc_polling" example that uses the CMSIS library. I'm using my own development PCB, so the only thing I'm changing is the pin selection using PINCfg. However, no matter which device pin (ADC) I choose, I'm unable to get anything but zeros in the ADC result registers. I know my PCB works as I am able to get some old legacy code to run fine and read whichever ADC input I choose.
Has anyone used the CMSIS libs on the LPC1768 successfully, and if so, could you possibly post a file where you set it up and read the registers? I  believe the NXP sample code might have something missing?
I have similar issues with the GPIO libs too, where I can read registers using CMSIS, but am unable to set them properly. Again, I have legacy code that is working OK.

Thanks for any help you can provide.