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I have a LPC11U14, which I want to power down as much as possible using a push button. I have tried, but failed miserable so far... I was wondering if there is an example somewhere which can help me.

So far I have connected the push button to a GPIO pin interrupt. In this interrupt I wrote the following code:

LPC_PMU->PCON = (1UL<<1);
SCB->SCR = (1UL<<2);

Unfortunately I don´t see the power consumption going down at all when I push the button. I do see that the button indeed triggers the interrupt, so that is not the problem.

Any tips? Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to pull the WAKEUP pin high, so I guess that deep power down is out of the question.

EDIT: I have added the line


to my code and now it goes into power down mode. Also I have made sure that all the registers are reset to their reset values before going into power down mode. I see that now that Idd = 1.1 mA. Is it possible to get this down further? Into the uA range?