I2C doesn't work (LPCXpresso 1769 EVB)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by PatrickChang on Thu Nov 17 03:48:24 MST 2011
I am new to use LPCX1769 and trying to let LPC1769 MCU as a host to control the other i2c slave devices.

I had imported a project called "I2C"(from "NXP_LPCXpresso1769_MCB1700_2011-02-11.zip") and completed the project compiling.

After record the program to the flash rom, I plug the POWER-IN + GND + I2C/SCL/SDA connectors. (There are 4.7k-Ohm pull-high resistors connect to SCL and SDA)
And check it works or not.
The result shows it doesn't work.
I'd tried PORT_USED form 1 to 3, but there  is no any signal change (I plug SCL to an oscillscope, the signal is flat).

Could someone tell me what is wrong?