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Content originally posted in LPCWare by micrio on Fri Nov 19 16:42:05 MST 2010
I would like to request a more informative error message when the part type detected does not match the part type configured in LPCExpresso.

I have a target that uses LPC1114/301 parts. I have the IDE configured for LPC1114/301. All is well.

However some boards got made with LPC1113/301 chips. This would be OK because my code will fit OK. When I tried to connect to these boards I get an "Invalid, mismatched, of unknown part" message. While this is correct, I would like a "Hey dummy: your part is a LPC1113/301 but LPCExpresso is configured for a LPC1114/301" message. I spent a few days on this, I feel like a dummy.

The IDE knows all this information, it would be great if the message could be more informative!

Rant off,

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