MCF5234 Problem, booting from Flash

Discussion created by sirlenzelot on May 30, 2008
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Hello Guys and Girls,
we have some problems, booting from Flash. Maybe someone can give me a hint.
We are using the EDGE Software by Mentor for developing and Nucleus as OS for our Software.
In order to get things work, I need to use rtti and exception handling.
I know that I must initialize certain sections in the linker-file, but honestly I don't know exactly which.
Below you can see my linker-file.
START _INT_InitializeINITDATA varsINITDATA cxx_rttiINITDATA cxx_edt
SECT vars = $00300000ORDER vars, zerovars, ioports, stack, heap, system_stack, hisr_stack, avail_memorySECT vectors = $FFE00000ORDER vectors, version, code, strings, const, literals, initfini, ??INITDATA, endofrom; Include libraries hereLOAD \mgc\embedded\tools\microtec\coldfire\5.5\lib\ze\ccccfab52.libLOAD \mgc\embedded\tools\microtec\coldfire\5.5\lib\mcccfab52.libLOAD \mgc\embedded\tools\microtec\coldfire\5.5\lib\ze\stlcfab52.lib

Thanks a lot