ADC on LPC1114F

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Hi All,

         I am using LPC1114F in my project. I was looking at the ADC module and have few questions.

1) Whatis the difference between ADINTEN 7:0 and ADGINTEN within AD0INTEN register. I realy can't find any difference between them. Can anyone explain if I am missing anything?

2) Also the example code for burst mode is not very clear. The [COLOR=Red]ADCIntDone[/COLOR] is not being set after all the conversions are complete.

    channel_flag |= (regVal & 0xFF);
    if ( (channel_flag & 0xFF) == 0xFF )
      /* All the bits in have been set, it indicates all the ADC
      channels have been converted. */
      LPC_ADC->CR &= 0xF8FFFFFF;    /* stop ADC now */
    [COLOR=Red]ADCIntDone = 1;[/COLOR]      [COLOR=Red]Should this not be inside the above "if" statement?[/COLOR]

3) Also will the following statement stop the ADC ?
      LPC_ADC->CR &= 0xF8FFFFFF;    /* stop ADC now */