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MC13213 student project questions

Discussion created by Nir Nitzani on May 30, 2008
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Hi everybody!

I am a student in my last year, and doing my final project.

In this project, I need to implement ZigBee network with one co-ordinator, and several “sensors” (mesh topology) – based on MC13213.

Each sensor board will include 4 LEDs and need to sample voice (via internal ADC). Than I need to calculate the frequency and amplitude (for now, the voice is actually a tone).

I have several questions:

1.Which demo is the best for my needs? (I planed to base my software on one of the demos, at least for the start..)

2.Is it possible to update the software remotely (I saw the SMAC OTAP, but nothing regarding the zigbee)

3.If I need to sample the voice for  ~ 10msec, does it interrupt the task-scheduler?

4.Does any of you know a good reference for my needs?

Lots of thanks,