Toolchain broken after changing the Current toolchain setting

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by laszlofabian on Thu Nov 21 14:19:04 MST 2013

I was tweaking around, being annoyed that adding an asm module is not linking, so changed the current toolchain to Mingw GCC tried to compile, didn't work than changed it back.
The otherwise compiled project (by removing the asm function) is not compiling anymore, errors related to undefined reference to __bss_end__ and similar gcc like variables are missing. I have moved back the toolchain setting to Code red, this change seems to be broken something.

I must say beside that the include paths in Release mode are not working. I am trying to make this work, otherwise I will set-up from ground up an eclipse+gcc toolchain, this LPCXpresso IDE is more pain than gain...

LE: The issue is 100% reproducible, just make a demo LPC project for Code red tools, compile it, then change the toolchain for some gcc, try compile, fails because the gcc is not in path... than change it back, it will never compile again.